Diesel Heater Chimney Installation

youTube link: dickinson diesel stove

This is my first youTube video of my Skoolie build, called The Calvary Shortbus. It’s actually 7 months into the build at this point. I’ve been living in the bus, and working from it while it’s parked in my parents yard on Vancouver Island.

This video shows the process of fitting up and fabricating the metal adapter for the Dickinson marine diesel stove chimney to exit the roof of the skoolie. The adapter is was needed to ensure that the gasket and flange supplied with the stove exited the roof properly, independent of the roof curvature.

I decided to weld up a box made from leftover sheet metal that I’d torn out of the front glovebox area above the drivers seat and rivet and silicon it to the roof. Originally I wanted to weld the box to the roof, but I was worried about starting a fire inside the two layers of roof, and not being able to access the area properly to ensure any sparks were extinguished. I used very high grade marine underwater silicone which was nearly $32 for a tube, to seal the adapter and I cleaned the area with isopropyl first to ensure it was clean.

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